US military intervenes in Guatemala Drug War

Guatemala – Mexico border. Credit: Google Maps

In a major escalation of the war against drug cartels, US Marines are now involved in the Guatemala drug war, aiming to stop drug shipments by airplane and boat. About 200 Marines are there with the express permission of the Guatemala government.

It’ll be the Marines vs Los Zetas drug smugglers. The Zetas are well-trained, possess serious weaponry, and are extremely violent. This will not be a cake walk for the Marines, who so far can only shoot in self-defense. But that can and probably will change. Mexico, home of the Zetas, is completely opposed to US troops being in their country.

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  1. The flow of drugs is integrally linked to the phenomenon of supply and demand. Isn’t it just a little ironic that we are now sending troops to fight against capitalism?

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