Obama DNC Speech. Say hello to the new hope, same as the old hope

The Obama DNC speech in 2008 was powerful and promised much changiness and hope. Yet not much changed, did it? His speech this year seemed less impressive to many. And why should we believe he will do what he promises? Yes, Republicans block him whenever they can. But no high-level bankers have been indicted, the economy is still faltering, and Obama refuses to use the bully pulpit, something that worked well for FDR and LBJ, and something that presidents are supposed to do.

He talks about wanting change and helping the middle class and working man, but his actions are often contrary to his words. The 1% have been helped hugely by Obama. The rest of us, not so much.


  1. These days the big donators are playing both sides by giving money to both President Obama and Senator Romney. They want Romney to win, but if Obama wins they still know they have congress in their pocket to stand up against Obama and strong arm him into giving into their demands, like they have been for basically his entire term. Not to mention for donating to Obama’s re-election campaign they’re guaranteed a favor or two later on. I will say that Obama blew a big opportunity with a mostly Democratic house to really push through an agenda and he hesitated or gave up on pulling that trigger when he had the chance. I’d like to know why. Also when Republicans said they were going to stop Obama at all costs no matter what his plans are that just made me realize for quite some time the country has been hijacked by the representatives that have been elected to run the country on our behalf and for our benefit. We need to take our country back.

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