Five foreign policy problems for the next president

Mark Safranski of Zenpundit writes on IVN about five major foreign policy challenges the next president must and will face. All of them are doozies and include the euro going belly up, the growing threat of the narco cartels, the AFPAK quagmire, and the possibility of a Sunni-Shia regional war. I highly recommend his thoughtful and detailed article.

Of the five problems, a euro collapse is by far the most serious, as it would directly and immediately impact US financial institutions since they have large exposures and interlocking relationships with banks there.

And how’s this for cynical and uncaring?

Obama asks eurozone to keep Greece in until after election day.

US officials are worried that if Greece exits the eurozone, it will damage President’s election hopes

No matter if a country is going down the tubes or the euro might explode. Truly, what is important is that Obama gets re-elected. Working towards solutions so millions more don’t suffer is unimportant by contrast.

That’s the problem with our political world. It’s all about short-term focus and the horse race. I’m already weary of the conventions and the presidential campaigns, how about you? Nothing of substance is being discussed.

Safranski details five major foreign policy problems some of which unquestionably will impact the US. Yet neither of the major candidates have even mentioned them. Instead, the presidential campaigns so far seem to be all about the uterus. Absolutely, women’s issues are important. But do the candidates actually care about women’s rights or are they just using them as ways to score points against the other?

Along with ignoring foreign policy issues, both candidates are studiously ignoring crime in high places and merely mouthing platitudes about how they will create more jobs. There is no serious discussion about any of these issues, nor will there be.