Camden NJ, most dangerous city in US, closing police dept

Camden NJ poverty. Credit:

This will not end well. The city of Camden NJ plans to close its police department, transfer half the employees into an amorphous region wide system which is somehow supposed to save money and make Camden residents safer.

The Camden police department (and schools) have been under state control since 2005. NJ Gov. Christie favor the consolidation plan. But the plan just seems to transfer costs to neighboring municipalities, many of whom are already struggling, rather than solve underlying problems.

How this is supposed to make people in Camden, a city often called the most dangerous in the US, safer? This beleaguered city has been circling the drain for at least two decades. A probable reduction in the police force will turn some of its areas into places where even police won’t go.

Whether Camden is an outlier or a harbinger remains to be seen.


      • I don’t think capitalism is responsible for Camden. I think the control of social planners and ppl who degenerated to the point of allowing social planners to control them. They’re on drugs and they are violent. That isn’t a glorious worker class. That’s a criminal class.

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