The photo that could clear Assange

The photo was taken 48 hours after the women with the blurred face said Assange sexually assaulted her. Her face is blurred for privacy. But the Daily Mail says she is smiling. (The photo is on their website.)

For Mr Falkvinge, one of the things that was striking about it, in view of what he later learned, was that Woman A volunteered to become Mr Assange’s press secretary during the meal. Mr Falkvinge has refused to go into details about the way Woman A behaved with Mr Assange, because he has to give evidence in court if a trial is held.

But he made it clear that he did not think Woman A behaved like a victim or someone who had suffered a traumatic sexual experience only two days earlier.


  1. It’s never been about what we would call rape here in the US. The charge he’s against isn’t rape, but coercing her into having sex without a condom. In Sweden, that’s considered a form of rape. THAT is the charge he stands to face. In this country, what he did wouldn’t even be considered illegal, yet alone classified as rape. This is why even some anti-rape groups (Women Against Rape, for example) are stating that this is a political thing, not about rape.

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