Want to write about politics? Join us at Independent Voter Network

The Independent Voter Network is a platform and community for reformers and activists who are genuinely independent-minded and solutions-oriented about politics and policy. It welcomes all types of political thought and is looking for writers to cover state and national politics as well as social, financial and environmental issues

The mission of IVN is to raise the level of civil discourse to a place where solutions are more persuasive than talking points, and participation is not conditioned on your party affiliation. If you’ve got something to add to the debate, contact me about writing for IVN at bob@ivn.us or at 310 600 5237 (I’m an editor.)

IVN’s readership is steadily growing. Web traffic increased the past two weeks, even with the Olympics and it being August. After Labor Day, when people start focusing on politics, IVN will get very busy. Join us!

Personal blogs will be rolling out to all soon at IVN. Content on personal blogs that is noteworthy or gets attention will be promoted to headlines on the home page. You will be able to generate income on personal blogs with Google Adsense revenue sharing. All content including personal blogs, are indexed by Google News, and IVN is well-ranked there. Headlines articles on IVN are generally 400+ words. Personal blogs article can be shorter and more opinionated.

IVN is part of a non-profit. The plan is that new writers who write steadily will be paid although full details haven’t been worked out yet. (They’ve always been completely fair and honest with me.)

Contact me if you want more information.