The Sin City Siren on feminism, the Olympics, and more

Check out The Sin City Siren. She has an engaging writing style, fresh viewpoints,  and focuses on feminism. Here’s a sample.

Anthropologically speaking”¦: Could it be that when girls see positive images of women in STEM (that’s science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, the result is more women in those fields? This article about the uptick in women pursuing forensics, which highlights popular TV show Bones, seems to make that intuitive leap. It’s like I’ve heard this somewhere before. Oh, I know! My friendly neighborhood feminist!

The role model provided by Grace Hopper AKA Grandma Cobol encouraged generations of women to enter the field of computing. Now women have examples like Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo and previous spokesperson for Google. If anyone can turn Yahoo around, Mayer can. And she is a stone cold geek with a Masters in computer science.

The gold standard: Fox News goes after Olympic superstar (and my personal hero) Gabby Douglas for not being patriotic enough. Because winning Olympic gold for your country (and having a dad who serves in the military) is definitely sub-par patriotism. And then there’s the whole hairdo firestorm. People, grow up! Gabby is awesome! You’re the ones with the problem.

You can bet that millions of little girls now idolize Gabby Douglas – and that some of those little girls will be in the Olympics one day.

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