Obama channels Reagan on welfare

Obama attacks Romney from the right on welfare! Romney did something sensible and decent by orthodox standards, and O’s flacks hammer him for it. Liberals *hate* it when you point out that Obama has a broad and deep conservative streak, but he does. Is there anyone more accomplished at self-deception than your average liberal Democrat? — Doug Henwood on Facebook

It’s not just about welfare either. Apparently war and killing civilians is a-ok with liberals and Democrats so long as Obama is doing it. Â The antiwar movement died when Obama got elected but the wars and atrocities continue. We have now have President Obama carefully deciding who to kill next by drone in a country we are not at war with while saying any collateral damage killings were terrorists until proven otherwise. This is deranged and Orwellian. If GW Bush was doing this, liberals would be screaming, but since it is Obama, liberals show their assent by remaining mute.

This clearly demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of both parties and the pointlessness of pretending that reform and change is possible by working within these corrupt, diseased institutions. The change, when it come, will come from outside the parties and the established structures and they will be forced to change or be discarded. The Arab Spring shows us how this can happen.