Sikh temple shooting: Why so many lone gunmen?

Credit: Wisconsin Light Brigade

Wade Page has been identified as the suspected Sikh Temple shooter who killed six worshipers on Sunday before a police officer fatally shot him. Authorities say he had 9/11 tattoo on one of his arms and was a member of white supremacist groups. He was also reportedly a member of several extreme right-wing racist bands, including a band called Blue Eyed Devils. As new insight rolls in, it seems it would be quite fair to describe him as a Neo-Nazi.

Someone on Twitter wondered if Page had been unemployed for a long time and if that someone contributed to it whatever insane levels of stress built up in him, causing him to blame the blameless then execute them at the Sikh Temple?

Unemployment is high. Our politics are more polarized than ever. This background of rising tension is clearly pushing some over the brink. But still, this doesn’t explain why the United States apparently has more deranged lone gunmen than elsewhere.

As it turns out Page had been discharged from the Army for drinking, lost a truck driver job in 2010 due to alcohol, and his home was foreclosed this year. So, he was probably alcoholic and in desperate financial straits. But the home was in North Carolina. Inquiring minds want to know why he moved to Wisconsin.

And Monday a presumed arsonist finally succeeded in burning a mosque in Missouri to the ground. WTF America?

(The quoted part was written early yesterday for IVN)