World’s longest wind turbine blade now 246 feet


These monster wind turbine blades are for a Siemens 6 MW offshore behemoth capable of generating power for roughly 3,600 homes. The offshore wind power trend now is towards fewer turbines but making them much larger. 10 and 15 MW turbines are being planned.

To produce the B75 rotor blade, Siemens uses the patented IntegralBlade process, in which the entire blade is poured as a single piece made of glass fiber-reinforced epoxy resin and balsa wood. As a result, the blade has neither seams nor bonded joints and is extremely robust. The gigantic rotor, which measures 154 meters, has to withstand huge air masses, as it is hit by the energy of 200 tons of air per second when the wind blows at a speed of 10 meters per second.