Class war by the rich against the rest of us 2012


While watching the news from Spain, I wonder what it would be like to live there now during the global depression and ongoing class war. Or Greece. Or Iceland, or Italy, or Portugal, or any other country threatened with what I call “national devaluation.” I would be angry.

Because I’m not an economist but I can smell a scam. I have studied some difficult subjects but I never dared try the dismal science. I am actually proud to have spent a lifetime ignoring the theories of economists. Years ago I thought I just didn’t understand them, but now I’m starting to think economists are intentional liars rather than just confused and confusing observers of the marketplace. Paid shills whose job is to mystify and distract us while the ultra rich steal what little we have left.

We have all heard reams of economic analysis in the last few years, but of course no one would dare say out loud what is really happening. I’m not an economist – I’m a logician. Let me have a try at it.

Read the whole post by my friend Barry Hyman at Independent Voter Network. Yes, there is a class war going on, and the 1% started it. Barry dissects their scam, how the rest of us are expected to pay for their criminality, excess, and incompetence. Austerity must be the order of the day, they squeal, imposing Draconian measures on us while evading the law, buying politicians, and getting governments to send them trillions. A level playing field? I think not.

As the header image for this blog says, ‘They only call it class war when we fight back.” And fight back we must.