Romney continues gaffapocalypse in Britain

Obama must be loving this. All he needs to do is continue acting like an adult and let Romney continue to stumble.

Did Mitt Romney forget Ed Miliband’s name?

Mitt Romney questions London’s readiness for Olympic Games

and of course

Mitt Romney’s ‘Anglo-Saxon’ gaffe: the mainstream media will not let this go


  1. If Romney wins this election not only will I be surprised that America has once again picked a moron to run the country, but I’m seriously thinking of moving out of the country to live in Canada, and wouldn’t blame anybody else from fleeing this country of ours, at least for the next 4 years until a solid presidential candidate can possibly emerge next election after. I don’t think Obama can clean up this mess we find ourselves in over decades of almost worthless presidents being elected (starting with that puppet Ronald Regan). I don’t think any president can clean up the mess in such a short time, so I’ve seen what Obama has been doing as a controlled crash rather than letting the country nose dive (auto industry bailout, banking bailout, etc.). I mean to think Obama can correct bad policies that have been running rampant for decades in just 4 years is ridiculous. But I do believe that if Romney were elected he would find a way to nose dive this economy through bad policy, shady deals and compromises, and the same kind of policies he used and continues to use to suck money out of financially sound companies simply to line his own pockets and those of his investors (or constituents in this case). It’s been a case of who’s going to be the worst president and vote for the other guy kind of race in the past few decades of elections and it has to stop. We need a real leader with a backbone like FDR had. I was hoping Obama would stand up to Congress and throw a spotlight on their unwillingness to cooperate for the sake of the American people and instead he decided to give in to their demands. What Obama has done to this country is not good and I’d rather let the terrorists have control. At least they have a plan and stick with it and go down fighting for it. I’m in no way trying to promote terrorism, but simply point out that terrorists are at least committed to a cause and never seem to have to compromise to get their agenda done.

    • Obama is bought and paid for by Wall Street. He has supported them without fail and always to the expense of Main Street. But he is less bad than Romney. A pathetic choice indeed for the supposed greatest nation on the planet..

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