Mitt Romney is the new Sarah Palin!

Mitt Romney has made a stunningly bad mess of his visit to Britain. People are openly disgusted with his arrogant, clueless demeanor and the Mayor of London, who is a conservative, attacked Romney at a rally of 60,000.

From James Chappers, Political Editor of the Daily Mail

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  1. “Committing a Mitt” has now entered the political vernacular, joining “Pulling a Palin” as expressions for committing a series of blunders while on the campaign trail.

      • I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “fun”, but it’ll have it’s entertaining moments. If Romney is elected expect de-regulation through Romney firing and consolidating most of the federal government and hundreds of thousands of government jobs going bye bye, more unemployment, very little in actual fiscal responsibility or accountability (not that we’ve had much in decades anyway), and corporations abusing laws because there is nobody there to enforce them. Remember when one of the two out of three things he could remember he would kill was the EPA? There goes your drinking water and what little clean air we have left. Then imagine if he somehow finds a way to then outsource what little government jobs are left overseas.

          • Even if it’s not a landslide victory, I sure hope Obama wins for the sake of our country. However that still means congress is not going to make it easy for him to steer our country to the skies and the economy and jobs is still going to be crashing to the ground and Obama is going to still be making sure it’s a more controlled crash than a nosedive like Romney would create if he was president. If congress would just let Obama do what needs to be done, we’d start soaring for the skies again. I truly believe that. So far all Obama has been dealing with is opposition to great ideas that would bring our country to glory again. I hate to say it, but maybe we do need a revolution, but this time instead of it being from England, it need to be from ourselves.

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