Something Broken In the Promised Land. Wayne Kramer

Some motherfucker is pissing on my grave
How much irrigation can I stand?
Kids down the street are playing with machine guns
Something broken in the promised land

So where’s Lee Oswald now that we need him
I’ve seen all the lone gunmen I can stand
There’s a self improvement tape called
“getting used to poverty”
Something broken in the promised land

The Colorado shooter, Gabby Giffords, Penn State, criminal bankers who never seem to get indicted, a corrupt political class that is completely out of touch with the people – yeah something is indeed broken in the promised land. Everyone knows it. Now we need to come together and do something about it. The change will come from outside the system, as in the Arab Spring, and not from working within the twin parties of the one percent. They are an inseperable part of the problem and can never be the solution.