Carmageddon returns to Los Angeles Sept 29-30

This is the mock trailer for the first Carmageddon, where a heavily traveled and crucial section of the 405 in L.A. was closed for a weekend to work on a bridge on one side of the freeway.

Now they’re going to do the other side of the 405.

My thought is do like last time, make babies and create a nice little baby boom of sorts 9 months from now.

You will see totally stressed out drivers in the video shrieking at traffic. This is not an exaggeration. Drivers in Los Angeles frequently act this way. I know this to be a fact as I used to live in LA and often did howl at the Traffic Gods and the idiot in the lane next to me.

Yes, people in other cities do this too. But as the video shows, Accepted Rules for Los Angeles Drivers clearly prohibits allowing other drivers to merge in front of them. Instead, the driver must speed up to block them from merging.

My wife Sue grew up in LA and has an unusual way of dealing with traffic there. She pokes along in the slow lane and ignores the loonies. How crazy is that? 🙂