Pet adoption: Fluffy and Squeaker in their new forever home

Save a life and do pet adoption and rescue.

Our rescue cats Fluffy and Squeaker are now in their new forever home. Friends found them dumped by the side of a road in Utah when they were about six weeks old. They were scared, hungry, and may well have seen their mother and siblings get killed by predators. We had them eighteen months, moved back to California, and Maine Coon Adoptions in Oakland found a fine home for them.

Shelters are filled with cats and dogs now. Too many shelters, especially public ones, still kill animals. You can save a critter from a death sentence and get a buddy for life at your local pound.

Interestingly, all of the public shelters in southern Utah are now no-kill shelters while most public shelters in Southern California still put down thousands of animals a year. It’s kitten season now and those shelters are euthanizing many litters of kittens every day. Rescue organizations save litters from death. If you aren’t sure about pet adoption, you can always foster through an organization instead.

Fluffy and Squeaker had a rough start in life and will always be a little tweaked because of it. They can also be quite affectionate and are bonded for life. It’s not often two cats can be placed at once but Maine Coon Adoptions did it and we thank them for it.

We have cats of our own and more foster kittens coming.