Several key Syria officials killed by bomb

The government of Syria is crumbling. They swore Damascus would always be safe and now several key and irreplaceable figures in the government have been killed by a bomb explosion in a room at the heavily secured national security headquarters where they were meeting. This means the Assad government has been infiltrated completely by the rebels and no one in the government is safe.

This is a turning point. Assad has to assume he can trust no one now. He also no knows about the gruesome video of Gaddafi’s last moments, being beaten to death and apparently sodomized by objects. It’s either that or a Hague trial and imprisonment for life. He will fight to the death.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the situation in Syria is “rapidly spinning out of control” and “it is more essential than ever” for the international community to broker a peaceful transition of power.

Why should anyone in Syria listen to what the US says? We gave the Assad regime tacit support for decades and made few if any noises until recently about their brutal abuses.

I’m not optimistic about what comes next. Assad, as they say in Texas, absolutely needs killing. But the country may well bend up in chaos, run by Islamists, or another boot could come down upon them. The entire Middle East could become even more destabilized.

All this does show the almost complete ineffectiveness of the UN.