On the extremist racism in Europe and Britain

Andy Carling of Nueurope continues his series on the extremist racism of the English Defense league, Andre Breivik and his defenders in the European Parliamant, and their panties-in-a-twist horror that Muslims are inhabiting Angloland. He skewers their derangement with deft humor.

My family migrated to the UK. Around a thousand years ago, they came on longboats, as Vikings do. These were simple and practical folk, who had no concept of multiculturalism. Their plan had three basic rules: Kill the men, rape the women and burn anything that couldn’t be stolen. Add in a little monastery burning and there you go.

Since then, of course, we’ve learned to modify our behavior, at least on most occasions, but it does show that, by comparison, Muslim immigrants to the UK and elsewhere have been rather polite and well behaved.