Romney “retired retroactively” from Bain, says adviser

This truly pathethic attempt at spin, claiming Romney retired retroactively from Bain, shows a campaign in deep trouble. If you can’t put forth a convincing lie it’s better to STFU instead. Instead, the Romney campaign is flailing around in panic after Obama’s mild attack ad. (If you don’t think it was a mild ad, wait until after Labor Day, when the the really nasty ads start, then compare back.)

Mitt Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said Sunday that the candidate “retired retroactively” from his job at Bain Capital, which Romney maintains that he left in 1999 despite evidence suggesting he remained involved with the company until 2002.

Gosh, this opens whole new possibilities. Maybe Romney could flip-flop retroactively or declare retroactively that he did make his tax returns public.

The Twittersphere, as you might imagine, is having quite a lot of fun with this.

And more seriously