Penn State still refers to “alleged misconduct” by Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky has been convicted. The sexual abuse is therefore no longer alleged, except in the weaselly official response from Penn State to the scathing Freeh report which said there was a “total disregard for the safety and welfare” of the children.

Penn State said they are:

Currently reviewing (Freeh’s) findings and recommendations. We expect a comprehensive analysis of our policies, procedures and controls related to identifying and reporting crimes and misconduct, including failures or gaps that may have allowed alleged misconduct to go undetected or unreported.

Tell me one more time just so I can understand it, how is behavior that has been found to be criminal in a court of law still determined to be “alleged” by the sure to be recipient of multiple lawsuits? Penn State is still stonewalling and in apparent complete denial. Because really, what’s a few raped boys in comparison to a Glorious Football Empire?

Meanwhile, the Paterno family continues to act aggrieved in a classic case of the perpetrator playing the role of the victim, whining that they were not allowed to review the information. However, the Paterno name is now soiled for all time.

“After Mr. Curley consulted with Mr. Paterno, however, they changed the plan and decided not to make a report to the authorities,” the report said.

The Number One rule of damage control is to genuinely admit the truth, something Penn State and the Paterno family are still unable to do. The more they evade and pretend, the worse it will be for them.

Freeh said Penn State “failed to implement” the provision of a 1990 federal law that requires the collecting and reporting of the crimes such as Sandusky committed on campus in 2001.

Former VP Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley go on trial soon for perjury. Penn State is making unctuous noises about wanting to settle the lawsuits fast but given their history of years of stonewalling, why should anyone think they will finally do the right thing?