Roadrunner Sports. Perfectly fitted running shoes with Shoe Dog

(This is an unsolicited, unpaid testimonial!)

Like any sport, distance running is increasingly high tech. I recently went to a Roadrunner Sports store for new running shoes, used their sophisticated Shoe Dog technology, and got maybe the best running shoes for my feet ever.

I’ve been running for years and always got stability shoes, which are made for those who pronate (the foot lands pointing onward.) But Shoe Dog showed that I’m better with a neutral shoe. Here’s what happened.

First, you step on a soft rubber device that measures you feet looking up. As it turns out, I have a very high arch. Then you run on a treadmill and it photographs your feet as they land. I do pronate, but only on the right foot. My left foot lands straight. The shoe expert says I’d be better with a neutral shoe because the rigidity of a stability show isn’t needed. They then ask a number of questions about how much you run, the terrain you run on, etc. and the software lists several shoes that meet your specs.

They also, at an extra charge, fit you with custom orthotics molded to your feet. I ended up with a Nike shoe that feels slightly squishier than the stability shoes I’ve worn until now. Testing the shoes and orthotics out last night showed them to be the most comfortable ever and a slight twinge in my knee that had been there for two weeks disappeared.

I’ll be back in Utah on Aug. 4 to run the Parowan Yankee Meadow Half Marathon, which is 13.1 miles straight down a canyon road, dropping 2300 feet in altitude. It’s a calf-killer!