SWAT raid nets black hoodie, pink scarf, anarchist pamphlets

Don’t be seen wearing this obvious symbol of terrorist intent

Police raided an apartment in Seattle infested by known members of Occupy who might be anarchist and after tossing in flash-bang grenades and zip-tying hands of the presumed evildoers, “took a black sweatshirt, a pink scarf, a pair of black goggles, ‘papers—notebook,’ a black bandana, a black stocking hat, and ‘paperwork—anarchists in the Occupy movement.'”

Why is it that police just totally get their panties in a twist when dealing with anarchists? I mean, it’s clear that police generally have no idea whatsoever what ‘anarchist’ means and seem terrified that an 18 year old is going throw a bomb at them or something. And the last time that happened was…?

Police say this was in reaction to a May Day riot. But such an investigation doesn’t justify heavy-handed tactics that would be better suited for taking down a drug cartel house.


  1. As the people’s anger gets organised, so the state’s repression will get stronger. It’s a fact of history. Look for more heavy handed, intimidating tactics. Perhaps they do know what anarchism is about and that’s why they will never ease up or give it a chance to breathe fresh air into our society.

  2. That is still the perception that the media over here try to instill in the public consciousness.

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