The Freeway Blogger explains how to poster freeways

The Freeway Blogger has put thousands of signs near freeways in California. It’s easy to do, cheap, and gets your message out to literally hundreds of thousands of motorists.

These signs were made with about a dozen bike boxes, an overhead projector, duct tape, and about thirteen dollars worth of paint.

All of them fit into the back of my Prius.

While large signs on overpasses make for good photographs, they tend to come down much sooner than smaller signs placed along the peripheries. On the plus side, the people who take them down are rarely motivated to move them very far, so you get to reuse them a lot.

Having signs of different sizes allows you to hit targets of opportunity along the way. Anything you can see while driving is a place you can put a sign that’ll get read. The more difficult it is to reach, the longer it’ll stay up. With a hammer, nails, spring clamps and bungee cords, you can hang a sign on pretty much anything in seconds.

And here’s the glorious result!

The Freeway Blogger is pioneering a whole new way of getting exposure for protest signs. He rarely if ever gets hassled by police and has never been arrested.