Is Rio 2012 Earth Summit failing the world, asks the Telegraph

The real problem at Rio 2012 is that most countries, including the United States, have abandoned genuine commitment to solving environmental problems. All that warm and fuzzy tree hugging is bad for business and that simply can’t be allowed. The Telegraph has it backwards. It is the world which is failing Rio 2012.

After months of inconclusive preparatory meetings, it is all too clear that the torpor and time-wasting that have dogged the international negotiations on climate change

Rio 2012 will make ponderous announcements and recommendations, all of which will be toothless and thus ignored by the Obama Administration and others. Oh sure, lofty speeches will be made praising Rio 2012 for their selfless and important work. Then it will be forgotten. The stupidity and short-sightedness of our world “leaders” is quite astonishing. They let fracking continue, even as it contaminates water and causes earthquakes but ignore international agreements on making the planet less polluted.

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Rio Summit: Environmentalists slam agreements as too weak

I’d go on but it’s too depressing. The Rio Summit started in 1992 with great hope and promise but  been defanged as corporatists and financial parasites increasingly control politics.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, here on the Planet of the Willfully Ignorant Apes, climate change denial reaches all new heights, and is now something akin to the denial and derangement of Flat Earthers.

Sen. Kerry slams “disgraceful” climate denial

“In the United States, a calculated campaign of disinformation has steadily beaten back the consensus momentum for action on climate change and replaced it with timidity by proponents in the face of millions of dollars of phony, contrived ‘talking points,’ illogical and wholly unscientific propositions and a general scorn for the truth wrapped in false threats about job loss and tax increases,” Kerry said.

Sooner or later, the politicians will listen to the people or they will be replaced. This can happen through the electoral process or through revolution. When climate change hits countries hard and food gets scarce, you better believe that could cause revolutions. But we need to act now, before things get bad.