“The euro is the problem not the solution” to the debt crisis

Daniel Hannan, English MEP, speaks the truth about the debt crisis.

“The only impact” of the Spanish bailout “has been to indebt every Spanish household with a further 15,000 euro debt they didn’t have before.” That money of course goes right to the banksters, as they siphon of more money from the blameless to pay for their greed, incompetence, and corruption.

“Europe is giving itself a transfusion, taking blood from one arm and pumping it into the other arm but the tube is leaking, the liquid is coming out enroute.”

“You don’t solve a debt crisis with more debt.”

“The euro is the problem, not the solution. We’re treating the tumor when we should be treating the patient.”

Via Zero Hedge, where a commenter said:

Someone really needs to start this revolution already.

I agree.