Los Zetas. The Executioner’s Men

Intelligence professional Sylvia Longmire reviews “The Executioner’s Men.”

This is the first authoritative book ever written solely about Los Zetas, the most vicious, bloodthirsty, and ambitious TCO [Transnational Criminal Organization] in Mexico.

One of my favorite parts is the chapter on Dual Sovereignty – how Los Zetas (and other TCOs in general) are operating as a state parallel to the Mexican state. The chart (one of many helpful charts and tables) in that chapter that outlines side by side all the state functions that both execute is quite eye-opening.

As the Mexico state hollows out, functions it used to provide are now increasingly being done by the cartels. Don’t think that can’t happen here. The Zetas already operate through subsidaries in hundreds of US cities, with dirty banks and hedge funds happy to launder their drug money.

BDP had it right way back in 1988.

“Cocaine business controls America
Ganja business controls America
KRS-One come to start some hysteria
Illegal business controls America”