Oliver Stone talks about “Savages”, new film about drug cartels

Gavin Newsom interviews Oliver Stone.

The movie fictionalizes the cartels, focusing on its attempts to move into the high-end California growing market, which has hybridized the best weed in the world under the pretext of medical marijuana.

And it is a pretext, folks. Anyone who doesn’t think nasty people with full auto weapons aren’t part of medical marijuana are fooling themselves.

Where you find big money and crime, you will of course, find the banksters.

Two Colombian economists decided to see who’s getting money off the illegal drug trade. And they discovered that American and British banks are getting a big chunk of the profits. That’s because the cartels are laundering their proceeds through those banks.

This explains why Obama et al are dead set on not legalizing drugs. The banks make far too much profit from laundering drug money.