Ass-whipping in Wisconsin

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Regarding Wisconsin: I’m reposting a comment below from my pal and long time community organizer Horace Small who fully gets what happened tonite. His words: “Bro…this wasn’t a defeat…it was an ass-whipping. In any political street fight, you got to come out with all guns blazing. And money doesn’t matter…FIELD ORGANIZATION does. They needed to know who was going to vote by name, address, phone number, what time they were gonna vote, did they need a ride, did they need child care. You always counter big money with superior field…the way Paul Wellstone did. Like I said to you before, bro…the dems and labor have got to spend some time taking a long hard look at themselves. Do the dems have the expertise to save Obama in November? Is anyone gonna take labor seriously in November? If I’m Obama, I’m sweatin…”

The Democrats came armed with a wet noodle to the Wisconsin gun fight. Obama couldn’t even be bothered to show up or lend support. And how could anyone take labor seriously considering it is mostly a toothless dog with no bite left and its leaders generally are the 1%.

Kudos to Greg Mitchell who is one lefty willing to understand a defeat is a defeat. If I hear one more Ed Schulz-John Nichols rant about how Wisconsin is some sort of victory for liberals, I will scream.

MSNBC ‘coverage’ of Scott Walker’s win was laughably biased and almost comical in its attempt to paint the Walker victory as somehow not an ass-kicking for Democrats. Then, they tripped all over each other trying to rationalize that Obama surely needs to appeal to people who would never vote for him anyway so that explains his refusal to help and besides Obama is polling better than Romney in Wisconsin so really it was almost a victory, wasn’t it?

We just got cable TV after two years of not having it. I had labored under the now-clear delusion that MSNBC had actual political coverage and real analysis. But based on what I saw tonight, it’s just pap and cheerleading for one side, if not outright delusional.

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  1. Obama just stood by and let it happen. I can’t think of any other evidence necessary to conclude Obama is one of “them”, and not one of “us”. He’s a Fascist, just like the rest of them.

    Come summer, there will be blood in the streets, the Tree of Liberty will be watered. To naught.

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