Germany’s plans to dump nuclear power running into problems

Going to renewable energy and shutting down all their nuclear power plants means Germany will have to redo their grid. It will cost many 25 billion they don’t really have now, especially since there’s a euro crisis happening too.

I’m completely in favor of renewable energy and shutting down coal and nuclear power plants. But, how do we make the transition and keep the lights on while we’re doing it?


  1. Bob, you know what I’m going to say on the subject. They wouldn’t have to worry about the grid if there was magnetic generation technology. The source would be the consumption of power. Not very good if you want to keep your people under the slave of always paying for power. Imagine if you never had to pay for energy again. What would you do with all that money? Maybe there would be a middle class again and less poor people? We can’t have that can we? Will the 1% allow it?

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