Germany reaches 50% energy from solar power

This week the German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour — literally half of the energy used through the key midday hours in the country.

This is a huge accomplishment and Germany is to be congratulated. Meanwhile, here in the States, we arr going in the opposite direction, killing subsidies, tax credits, and R&D for renewable energy.

As we return to an oil and coal emphasis on energy, the Germans are expanding their control over this industry and reducing the health costs of pollution for their population. It is the very definition of leadership and vision that is so lacking in our own country.

Seemingly the US prefers to argue endlessly about most everything rather than be unified and work together towards common goals.


  1. I agree that we need renewable energy to curb our growing energy problems, environmental concerns, and health problems, but I don’t agree that it needs to be from solar. Permanent magnetic energy technology would put a stop to the need for excessive amounts of land (or rooftops) to be used for solar energy capture. Not to mention that we really wouldn’t need to overhaul our electrical grid as every source of power usage would be a source of power generation. Blackouts and brownouts would be a thing of the past, including running out of gas in your car. However you have to consider that the police might have trouble with hostage situations if they can’t shut down the power so easily.

    • Steve, your constant comments about magnetic generators are becoming spam and you are becoming a troll on the subject. So, in the future, I will delete them.

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