Eurozone is collapsing. Banksters on the run

Analysts: Europe bank run is under way

Brits plan to keep Greeks out as Euro-crisis nears end game

The potential scope of disruption following a Greek Euro exit was revealed this evening when British Home Secretary Teresa May told the Daily Telegraph that the UK authorities were exploring emergency immigration controls in case of a Greek exit and further economic turbulence in countries like Spain.

The head of the IMF says, dang it, Greece needs to pay more money to the banksters.

It sounds as if [IMF head Christine LaGarde] is essentially saying to the Greeks and others in Europe, you’ve had a nice time and now it’s payback time.

“That’s right.” She nods calmly. “Yeah.”

This is arrogant rubbish. It’s the parasitic bankers who need (and deserve) payback, not the people. LaGarde is a tireless defender of the 1% and thus the enemy of the rest of us. She makes it clear she expects everyone else to pay for the greed and incompetence of the banksters. But she’s sounding a bit brittle and unsure now that her game has failed.

Governments will fall. Banks will fail. There will be riots. This will be far bigger than previous financial shocks. Plus, I predict that politicians the banksters thought they had bought will desert them. Then the banksters will see how few friends they actually have. Ten thousand bankers in prison would be a good start.  Hey, three thousand bankers went to prison during the S&L scandal of the 1980’s. We need a return to Rule of Law.