Greece will leave Eurozone, says German press

From tomorrow’s edition of Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachricthen: “The Greece-exit is a done deal: According to the German economic news from financial circles EU and the ECB have abandoned the motherland of democracy as a euro member. The reason is, interestingly, not in the upcoming elections – these are basically become irrelevant. The EU has finally realized that the Greeks have not met any agreements and will not continue not to meet them. A banker: “We helped with the Toika. The help of the troika was tied to conditions. Greece has fulfilled none of the conditions, and has been for months now.”

The troika is composed of unelected ex-Goldman executives who want to financially rape Greece to further enrich the bankers, who knew damn well the loans they made were junk and should never have been made. The populace of Greece, who had nothing to do with the loans, is being forced to pay for the sins and crimes of others in the name of a bogus “austerity.” So, for a banker to whine that they tried to help Greece is sactimonious, self-serving rubbish.

Greece stops paying pharmacies, who are now charging full-price.

The Eurozone banksters are very sorry that granny in Greece may not be able to afford her meds so that the reckless, garbage loans they forced on Greece can be repaid. But really, what’s a few dead grandmothers in comparison to extortion-like loans being repaid so that a corrupt tiny few can further enrich themselves.

A Greek exit is very bad news for Obama and could seriously threaten his reelection.