Jerry Brown charges ahead with high speed rail and water plans

California governor Jerry Brown is full-tilt in favor of spending $68 billion on high speed rail and $14 billion on water projects, cheerfully ignoring that California can barely keep the lights on now.

“You’ve got to build to accommodate the growth,” Brown said. “California is not stopping. We’re not some tired country in Europe.”

I completely agree. California certainly isn’t like Europe, where countries admit they have problems and are trying to solve them. California politicians like Jerry Brown would probably remain relentlessly and mindlessly perky even if a 9.0 quake dumped half the state into the Pacific Ocean.

On the day of the Facebook public offering, Brown championed California as a place of innovation, saying, “This is where they invented Facebook…. This is still the Wild West.”

The governor was quickly reminded that Facebook was invented in Cambridge, MA.