US imposes huge anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar panels

The tariffs are anywhere from 31%-250% which could easily about kill the booming solar installation market here. Renewable energy does not need a trade war between two nations. Let’s hope this is just¬†saber-rattling by the US. China could retaliate by raising tariffs on US polysilicon entering their country for use in creating solar panels, something which will spike prices even higher..



  1. If the materials solar companies in China need to make solar panels come from the USA, poly silicon for example, then by China imposing tariffs for the materials they import to make solar panels in response to tariffs the USA is placing on exported Chinese made solar panels, then depending on how high the Chinese tariffs are on silicon from the USA, China just might just price themselves out of the USA solar panel market. For which I wouldn’t care as solar power is not the power of the future, permanent magnetic generators are.

    • That’s my point, that they could price themselves too high versus USA solar panels if they impose tariffs on silicon they import from the USA and the USA is also imposing tariffs on the imported Chinese solar panels. Thus making USA solar panels cheaper in price than Chinese made ones.

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