Obama support for same-sex marriage as deliberate distraction

Bet you didn’t hear much about “the howling protests of an angry mob” at the Bank of America protest in Charlotte NC yesterday, yes the same state where the Democratic Convention will be held and which just voted against same-sex marriage.

The same sex marriage issue will generate an abundance of distraction running straight into the Democratic Convention, which will be held…where else? In Charlotte.

So which city gets rewarded with the substantial economic shot of the Democratic Convention? BAC Gay Basher Town USA.

What a nice piece of misdirection. Pure coincidence?

Consider this. HRC has appointed Obama crony Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman, to be a national corporate spokesperson for same-sex marriage. Thus, Obama’s bankster buddy gets a chance to pretend to redeem himself in the public eye.

Persuaded? As I have said before, in matters of crony capitalism, nothing happens by accident.

You can be assured that same sex marriage will become a central issue while neither candidate talks about the criminality of bankers.