Jury nullification. Taking back our legal system

Nullification is the right of jurors to come back with a verdict of not-guilty even if the jurors believe that the defendant in fact technically violated the law, but the jurors conclude that the law in question is an immoral or bad law or a reasonable law applied in a discriminatory fashion.

Jury nullification includes ignoring laws about drug possession, police who arrest protesters who aren’t in some bogus ‘free speech’ zone or who take pictures of them, federal laws against medicinal marijuana when states have legalized it, etc. It’s apparent we have a rigged legal system now. Jury nullification is a good way to make it fair and functional again.

I would go even futher. Perhaps we should explore how banksters who skirt the edge of the law but who are clearly corrupt and dirty can be prosecuted by a jury when it’s obvious that law enforcement is asleep or bought off.

Tip: Jan Tucker