We’re so polarized about race we can’t think straight

Wikimedia Commons. Caption: "A mixed-breed dog. A real mongrel in which not a single contributing breed is recognisable." Photo title: "hybrid vigour."

Blog posts yesterday were saying George Zimmerman is black. This is ludicrous and shows how confused we are about race. Zimmerman’s great grandfather had some African blood. That makes Zimmerman at most 1/8 black. He’s also Peruvian ancestry, which makes him Latino / Hispanic. Or would that make him Amerindian? If he walked down the street in Los Angeles people would probably think he’s Latino. But here in Cedar City UT many might well assume he’s Piute. Did I mention there is a growing trend among those who used to call themselves Latino to now identify as Indian?

Does one drop of black blood make you Black? Look, we’re all mutts. It’s just easier to tell with some people, especially when the dominant culture is Anglo.

But Anglo is hardly a monolith. Anglo is Brits, Scots, Irish, and a major line of demarcation there is Brits vs. Celts. Plus, there is major Germanic influence too. And at different times in history, Brits, Scots, and Irish have been mortal enemies even if we do sort of look the same.

In my opinion this country would be far healthier if we would all just embrace our inner mongrel and forget about polarizing racial classifications. Besides, like the photo says, mixed-breeds tend to be vigorous and healthy.