1. That is along the lines of what I had hoped Google+ would turn out to be like. A hub for everything social. But as sort of expected, Google is trying to be the social network instead of being the place where everybody goes to use social networking. See, it’s hard to tell what people are doing on a social network if you’re Google. Who’s going to allow them to see all that information, surely not Facebook unless the user is using Facebook outside of Facebook (through their various API’s). So it kind of seemed logical that since Google is after information, why not make a hub out of Google+ where everything goes through Google+ to get to the various social networks? I mean it would make it easier to be social if I could build my Google+ exactly how I wanted it, instead of something like Facebook where integration is possible but it’s Facebook that decides where everything goes and what my layout is going to be like. Hate the new timeline on Facebook. I still want the old wall back and find the new wall annoying how it reverts back to important updates when I only want to read the latest stuff.

    • Yes, Facebook is far too intrusive in determining what it thinks you need to see and it what order. I like About.Me because it’s a simple way to give people the links you want to share. 

      • It’s a step in the right direction for a social hub, and if it gains popularity somebody is going to steal their idea away. I’m hoping Google+ simply because I think Google can do a much better job at social integration with multiple systems than Facebook can. It’s also kind of scary to hear that Facebook’s financial future is resting right now on a game called Cityville and an IPO.

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