Occupy Mutual Aid

Last night I was riding my bike to the launch party for Occupy.com and I got doored by a tourist getting out of her cab. I got a pretty big gash on my left arm and was understandably not very happy when I finally arrived at the party. And that’s when I was again reminded of what an amazing community we have created over the past six months.

One of the first people I see is my friend Mark Adams who also happens to be a street medic. But I’m not even thinking of that. I’m still a little dazed from the accident and trying to get my bearings. I mention in passing what just happened to me not really expecting anything. Mark immediately asks me if I want him to clean my wound.

I’m blown away. He immediately rolls back my sleeve and begins to take care of me. Within a few minutes he has his medic kit and bandages me up. He asks me a bunch of questions to see how I’m feeling and whether I need any additional help.

In the big scheme of things it was a small event; one of many that illustrates the better world we are creating right here and now; a world where we take care of each other and love each other; a world where mutual aid and solidarity are real, meaningful practices not just slogans or catchphrases.

My arm still hurts. But the bandages remind me of the better world we are building today.