Flemish youth leaders told “wanking is fine.”

This is NOT satire, a Belgium journalist tells me.

“A group of 15-year-old youngsters hang out in a tent for a wank. I can understand that some people could be shocked, but if you take the six criteria into account, it’s acceptable because it forms part of the youngsters’ development.”

Imagine the explosion of outraged protests were the Boy Scouts to advise the same here in the States.

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  1. Advise or not, it’s happened (and will continue to happen) in the BSA.  Personally, I think it would resolve a lot of issues if such a natural action were looked upon as a preferred outlet vs a “moral sin”.  The amount of physical violence that’s encouraged by pent-up sexual frustration in the US and other places where it’s taught that masturbation is “wrong” is astounding.

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