Other countries are way ahead of United States in renewable energy

A Sustainable Business email juxtaposed these two headlines

Denmark plans 100% renewable energy by 2050. They already get 25% of their energy from wind while the US, despite all the bleating about the wonderfulness of renewable energy, manages a pathetic 2.9%.

US to get first offshore wind turbine in Virginia in 2013, assuming of course that the usual assortment of green NIMBYs and dirty energy astroturf groups don’t block the project with lawsuits. No, that’s not a misprint. The US has no offshore wind power now and may finally get precisely one offshore wind turbine.

I really think our problem is our politics are so polarized now that if one side suggests something the other immediately opposes it. The virtues and drawbacks of a plan are rarely debated, unless by doing so the other side can be attacked. It really does seem we would rather fight than accomplish.