Would you like to write for Independent Voter Network?

I’m now Western Regional Editor for the Independent Voter Network. IVN is part of a non-profit and focuses on high quality political content from all viewpoints with a view towards reforming a dysfunctional system. It was founded by two former members of the California legislature who were tired of the gridlock.

The site has been expanding rapidly with new writers and features. There are increasing numbers of links from social networking sites, always a sure sign that buzz is building.

IVN currently has a California focus but is now about to expand and cover politics in all states.  We’re looking for more writers. Maybe that could be you.

There’s no quota. Original content is preferred. Cross-posting is okay although paraphrasing with a link back to the original article is better (for SEO reasons.) Articles can be about politics in general, not just about your state.

There is a chance that new writers who publish regularly on IVN will be paid. They haven’t worked the details out yet. They’ve always been fair with me.

Let me know if you’re interested in writing for IVN, want more info, or know of anyone else who might be interested.

My IVN articles