Handcuffs now for Jon Corzine of MF Global

Apparently rule of law in this country no longer applies to the 1%. Jon Corzine should have been arrested by now. Where is the outrage from Obama? Where are the criminal indictments from the federal government?

Corzine is entitled to the presumption of innocence but the victims of this apparent scheme are entitled to justice. Where is it? Six months into this we now have prima-facie evidence that Corzine ordered a transfer from customer segregated funds to meet a margin call against the firm’s proprietary trading.

If there’s an argument that this sort of transfer would be lawful I’d love to see it.

More to the point, if this sort of transfer is lawful then no person in this country can ever trade anything in a brokerage again until it is rendered unlawful and assurances are available that this conduct will result in long prison sentences and personal liability.