Solyndra hippies are stealing our money!

Got solar?

The Las Vegas Sun gets snarky in a fun article about those bashing government investment in renewable energy like Solyndra.

The angry man on the radio told me I should be outraged about Solyndra.

A fiasco, no doubt, but we should have some perspective. Remember the $6.6 billion of American currency on shrink-wrapped pallets that went missing from Iraq?

Of course not. It wasn’t on your channel.

They also point out that little trifles such as microchips, the Internet, GPS, and more originated in government funded projects. Solar panels are another. NASA invented them.

The sun beat down on my head. I kept applying sun screen, and it occurred to me that this would be another election cycle with almost no dialogue or argument about global warming and what to do about it

John McCain says this will be the nastiest presidential campaign ever. I fear he is correct and that nothing of substance will be discussed.