Syria insurgency morphs into open warfare

Suicide bombers attacked secret police headquarters in multiple locations. Many are dead. Russia is selling weapons to Syria while Gulf States are arming the rebels.

The bombings probably were no doubt done by Islamic terrorists. They have the expertise and the connections in Syria.

“They will move to an insurgency, of hit and run attacks and assassination. It will be more and more Islamicised, with people ready to sacrifice themselves.”

The US appears to have no role except for mouthing meaningless platitudes while doing nothing. In a very real sense, the US is letting the terrorists win in Syria. When Assad falls (and he will) the populace will remember who supported them, And it won’t be the US.

If the US genuinely believes in freedom and democracy then it should openly oppose thugs like Assad and support those trying to topple his government. That’s how to win hearts and minds.

Of course, the US could secretly be arming insurgents. If so, then make it obvious. After all, Russia is making their support of the Syria government quite clear.

Nixon’s phrase about the US acting like a “pitiful, helpless giant” comes to mind. The US no longer knows what it stands for (nor is it really calling the shots any more on the world stage.)