4G smartphones and the battery crisis. Mophie to the rescue

Pandodaily has a fine rant about how smartphones, especially when using 4G, can suck power at an alarming rate.

Every year, everything about phones keeps getting better—except the battery. In fact, that’s kind of the problem. Because manufacturers keep adding extra features to phones—especially more powerful processors, displays and networking—battery life remains stuck.

But it’s always about the batteries, isn’t it…

There were electric cars in the US from 1890-1920. Electric vehicle manufacturers then said they were working on battery charging issues and hoped to increase range from 100 miles and decrease charging time from several hours. Nearly a century later, those EV charging numbers haven’t changed all that much.

The Mophie Juice Pack was the real winner at SWSX, where uber-geeks pushed their smartphones to the limits, with location services on finding people all around them to connect with, etc. But those with the Mophie battery pack had little problem. Mophie works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and more. It is a slim case for the phone which has a powerful battery that extends life by many hours.

If you sign up for the Mophie email list, you get 15% off on a purchase. I just did so and bought the Juice Pack Air for my iPhone 4S.