Afghanistan sergeant shooter

The government is going to great lengths to imply the atrocity shootings of civilians in Afghanistan were the work of a deranged lone gunman. The spin is, as always, that the mission of our wars are sacrosanct and must not be questioned. Thus any derangement must only be due to the sad actions of the unbalanced few.


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  3. When one of our guys commits an atrocity it is because he is under unbelievable stress and has become deranged. When one of the other side commit a similar atrocity he/she is a mindless blood thirsty terrorist intent on killing innocent people. This guy was not so deranged that he couldn’t make choices, he chose not to randomly start pulling the trigger in his own base, but decided to walk a considerable distance, open a door and start shooting and then move on to another spot and repeat. And let’s not forget the burning of the bodies, I presume that required preperation. Put a turban on this guy and I wonder what the public, media reaction would be, I have absolutely no doubt it would be vastly different.

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