WordPress. Jetpack bloated, slow.

This blog was acting sluggish. My webhost said something was eating up compute cycles because of large numbers of database hits. I deactivated plugins one by one and looked at the results after a couple of days but there was no difference. I installed a CDN via the excellent W3TC cache plugin and while the CDN is great, it didn’t solve the problem.

I then deactivated Jetpack, the one plugin that I hadn’t deactivated before because it was from and I assumed it couldn’t be the problem.

Jetpack was the problem. It apparently is a total resource hog. Once I deactivated it, the blog immediately became much more responsive. The stats now clearly show the difference.

More on Jetpack bloat.

There is an unofficial JetPack fork, Jetpack Lite, that only contains Stats and


  • Mike

    Amen! Spent days trying to figure out why my blog had slowed to a crawl. If you ever need to assess plugin performance without removing each, one by one, I’ve found the P3 Plugin Profiler to be an excellent diagnostic plugin, with a minimal footprint, too.

    • It really is absurd that WordPress itself released such a bloated plugin

  • tecnogaming

    Strugling hard trying to decide for wordpress jetpack comments or DISQUS, after reading this post and posting on this comment box, I in no doubt anymore, thank you.