LulzSec leader informs on Anonymous

Usually the authorities infiltrate a group by starting with low-ranking members then moving their way up the food chain. This time they apparently began with the head of LulzSec “the de facto King of Anonymous” and he sang like a birdie to save himself from prison.

That’s right—the man who helped the internet celebrate #FuckFBIFridays was doing so from an FBI desk. But only after the feds wielded Sabu’s children against him

He’s a single dad and didn’t want to leave his two children on their own after pleading guilty to more than ten charges. Before you condemn, consider that many probably would have done the same…


  1. Actually, I do condemn him. If you can’t take the heat, get your ass out of the kitchen.

    • This would seem to be a The Empire Strikes Back moment. I doubt he thought the heat would ever get that bad. I’m not excusing him, but looking at many years in prison does tend to change a person’s POV.

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