Message to “anticapitalist” vandals in Portland

Message to those who threw rocks through the windows of a U.S. Bank, Key Bank, and a Starbucks in Portland, Oregon on February 28th, 2012.

This is brilliant. We don’t have capitalism now, she says. The banks are crooked, sure, but they couldn’t have done it without the help of a corrupt and complicit Congress and White House. So stop throwing rocks and get involved in a real revolution instead. She’s a Ron Paulite zand I’m not but her message is powerful nonetheless.


  1. When you are attacked you always have the right to self defence, what form that self defence takes usually is governed by how much you have been hurt. Some people have been hurt real bad by the financial Mafia and who are we to tell them how to respond. Who is scolding the bond markets and banks for the way they are brutally destroying people’s lives, young, old and infirm. Yes, let’s be nice and try to persuade them to be kinder to us. Some hope there. Show respect where respect is due.

    • I don’t think the Paulites are asking the banks to be nicer. They want the Fed destroyed, the TBTF banks broken up, and an end to the bailouts.

  2. This is not a Portland thing. The animals doing this are agents provocateurs, not Oregonians.

  3. I realise what they all want but I also realise that you won’t get it quietly, they have too much power and wealth and too much to lose. They can take as much polite protests as you can muster. The system is working perfectly, cut all public spending, plunder public assets and privatise everything, making sure that all the wealth flows upwards. Even permit polite quiet protests to allow the people to let off steam.

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